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LITERARY   LIFE                        267
Shaw (Mrs. Warren's Profession, Widowers9 Houses, The Philanderer, Arms and the Man, Man and Superman and Pygmalion}. The Irish school is represented by Synge and Dunsany. Essayists are represented by Lamb, Arnold Bennett and Max Beerbohm. James Barrie and Oscar Wilde have received a large share of attention; there are two translations of Lady Windermere's Fan and three translations of Salome; also Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray and De Profundis have been translated. H. G. Wells is known through his Time Machine, Mr. Britiing Sees It Through, The First Man in the Moon, and especially through his Short History of the World. Thomas Hardy is only known through his short stories and poems, although his name is very familiar. Katherine Mansfield, through the influence of the late Hsu Tzumo, is rather well known. This list covers only authors whose translated works have appeared in book form and, of course, does not cover authors in other fields like Bertrand Russell, whose influence is very great.
In the French section one comes across names like Balzac, Moliere, Maupassant (complete works), France (nine of his works; Thais twice translated), Gide, Voltaire (Candide), Rousseau (Confessions and £mile), Zola (poorly represented), Gautier, Flaubert (Madame Bovary thrice translated, SalammbS and Un C&ur Simple). Dumas pere etfils have long been popular, especially La Dame aux Camillas, which has become common property among the Chinese. Hugo is well represented by Les Travailleurs de la mer, Les Miserables, Notre-Dame de Paris, Quatre-vingt-treize, Hernani, Ruy Bias, and Lucrece Borgia. The early romanticists are represented by Chateaubriand (Atala and Reni) and Bernardine de Saint-Pierre, Daudet's Sappho and Prevost's Manon Lescaut are, of course, favourites. Baudelaire is well known, and Rostand's Cyrano has its devotees. Barbusse has two translations of his novels Le Feu and ClarU, and even the long Jean Christophe of Rolland is now available in Chinese, besides his Le Montespan, Pierre et Luce and Le Jeu de I*amour et de la mort.
Classical German literature is represented, of course, by Goethe, among whose works Faust, Werther (two translations), Egmont, Clavigo, Stella and part of Wilhelm Meister have been translated, and Schiller (Die Jungfrau von Orleans, WUhdm Tell,